What are keywords and how can you find them?

What are they and how to find keywords in Google

There is a fairly widespread trend related to the so-called "key words", if you work professionally in the internet world, especially in content creation and SEO, you most likely know what we are talking about.

If not, don't worry, because in Seo Aim One today we will tell you what keywords are, and also, we will quickly explain the strategy to find them.

What are Keywords Exactly?

From the English "keyword", the keywords, in general terms, are terms that may well be composed of one or more words.

To easily understand where their importance comes from, they can be interpreted as the way in which the user projects their doubts and questions into search engines in order to obtain information or answers that are important to them and manage to satisfy what they are looking for. at the moment.

Example: The person writes in his browser the keyword "make a keyword research study” and finds several results based on this same search, the user will click on a related search, and will not click on “Where to buy potatoes in Mallorca”.

Continuing with the explanation, keywords, for any web page, are a type of communication channel between the website itself and search engines like Google. The website implements the keyword and Google interprets this as a result for the users' search.

Thus, the higher the level of agreement a keyword has with a user's search, the greater the probability that your website will appear in the results of their queries.

Why are Keywords so Important?

If you have paid attention to the previous section, now you understand in a much faster and easier way where the importance of keywords (keywords) comes from.

If through them you manage to respond to user concerns through and put into practice SEO in Google to produce good content for users, your website is more likely to become a reference and a trusted means of obtaining information, and, therefore, Google will rank you higher in the search results. SERPs (search results the search engine).

Through keywords, you show the world what your website has to offer, and give users the opportunity to find you in a simpler and faster way.

The keywords or keywords are one of the most important elements when working on the positioning of a web page and although they are not the only strategy to reach the first results, they are an excellent complement to pave your way to success.

Keywords are the star element of content marketing, and they guarantee the possibility that your content will be found, read and also shared by people around the world.

And clearly, you should already know that this is something extremely positive for your website and your company.

How to Find the Keywords

Today there are numerous tools that are completely legal and that help you find the ideal keywords to give life to the content you are sharing. Traditional methods include the exhaustive analysis of user searches that are seen as suggestions on Google, although it does not always offer the expected results. On the other hand, other more sophisticated methods include the use of specialized tools to find keywords such as SEO tool ahrefsWhen we say “specialized tools” we mean paid or free software that allows you to quickly and effectively find the keywords you need to complement your content. Some of these tools, in fact, are offered by Google and stand out for their effectiveness in letting you know what readers are looking for. One of these tools is nothing more and nothing less than Google Keyword Planner, which is recognized as one of the most used when it comes to finding the ideal keywords. Something wonderful about Google Keyword Planner is that it allows you to know what the search volume has been for a specific keyword, making it easier for you to determine if it is useful for your website. SEMrush It also includes a powerful keyword research tool: Keyword Magic Tool. This gives you an amplified view of the keyword in question, and shows you the most recent search trends during the period of time that you are using it. A simpler way to find keywords in a text is to perform what is known as “skimming”, this technique consists of quickly viewing the text with the purpose of finding the words that are most repeated throughout the text. same. In the vast majority of cases, these words that are repeated with considerable frequency end up being the keywords.

How to Define Keywords for Your Content

There are numerous factors that you must take into account before you even know the ideal keyword for your content. In the next section, you will find what we are talking about.

Build your buyer persona

Are you creating content for a blog? You probably have a specific type of audience in mind and also a theme in mind to develop.

A wonderful strategy to find the right keywords is hidden in viewing the content as if you were your target audience. Remember, your intention is to respond to concerns. What are those concerns? That is the perspective that you must have when writing content for your clients.

Set your goals

The use of certain keywords may vary depending on the type of site and content you manage.

Much of the content published on blogs is intended to invite readers to purchase certain products or visit certain places, based on this, the construction of your keywords must pay attention to these objectives.

Analyze your competition

It is always a good idea to review the strategies that your competition has implemented and do some research on what are the reasons why they have managed to position themselves before you in the search engines.

Ideally, it is not to repeat what they do, but to amplify your vision of what you could do to improve these strategies and use this information in your favor. Normally, you can evaluate the way in which your competition is handling the content and superficially determine the strategies they are using.

In general, this makes it easier for you to visualize new points of view and more interesting ways of approaching the subject that you also handle, and with this, it is possible to recreate from your own style and with your own tools a similar way with perspective that you help convey information to your readers about the things they want to read.