Learn to do SEO in Google Easily (Tips)

How to do SEO in Google for your company

It is necessary for your company to have SEO tools and strategies to be visible to the public, and there are many ways to do it and a wide variety of search engines to choose from to implement it.

But, do you know how to do SEO in Google for your Company?... Google, being one of the most popular and used search engines worldwide, the normal and most intelligent thing is that you seek to position your business online in the Google search engine .

Next, we will explain the strategies used by the best SEO web positioning agencies, so you can make the most of this article. On the other hand, once you have finished this guide, we recommend that you also read our article on what are keywords, because understanding what keywords are, and how you can find them, is essential to successfully create an SEO strategy.

The Two Types of Web Positioning and Their Use

Before starting to reveal how you can learn to do SEO on your own and the best way to do it, I am going to explain to you what are the two types of SEO that exist, and, in addition, I will also tell you how Google my Business SEO works.

1. On-page SEO

The On-page SEO, focuses on optimizing the content on your website internally for the keywords of your interest and for which you want to appear in search engines like Google when your potential clients are searching for you.

That is, this is the practice of internally optimizing your website by using your keyword a certain number of times on your website.

What we seek to achieve with this is to build a good solid foundation on which to work on the next type of SEO, that is, the…

2. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the next strategy that every professional should work on if they want to position their website on the first page of search engines like Google and have relevance for their keywords. On the other hand, this will also help you position yourself by above your competitors.

Off-page SEO is the practice of creating relevant anchor links such as “doctors in Mallorca” in forums or websites that are relevant to the topic, with the intention of redirecting the user to another web page that deals with the topic, that is, your web page.

With this you will help to reinforce the relevance of your website in the search engines, that is, you become “popular”.

Now I am going to explain to you how another type of SEO works that has only emerged a few years ago…

How Does Google My Business SEO Work?

The local SEO service of Google MyBusiness It allows companies to apply effective and fast strategies through its platform, improves communication with customers and helps affiliate websites grow. This is one of the best ways to position your company among the first results and at the same time improve your online presence in an optimized way for your target audience. Some of the factors that influence Google My Business SEO include accurate and up-to-date business information, reviews, ratings, and company authority. In order to improve this section, it is important to complete and optimize your GMB profile, adding high-quality images and responding to user reviews, because thanks to this tool you can emerge and position yourself better within the Google search engine. In our agency, we are accustomed to using this type of services with our clients. We will now tell you a little more about the benefits of positioning yourself on the first page of Google Maps and the Google search engine, in case you want to investigate this service a little more.

Ways to Do SEO in Google for my Company

The Google search engine has several parameters that must be met in order to appear in the first results. Through Google My Business, these criteria can be managed in an easy and orderly way. 

Below you can learn about some of the ways to do SEO in Google for your company:

1. Make sure you choose the keywords correctly

The first thing that you must take into account when doing SEO is that to do SEO in Google correctly you must select the keywords very carefully, because this is one of the main requirements to be able to position your content in the first places of the user searches. 

This is because when searching for a certain set of words, the search engine will select the results that are most in line with it, which means that you can go up to the first page of Google.

2. Create quality content

If you want your company to be at the top of Google searches, you must focus on writing quality and relevant content, which means that you must use content that has to do with the product or service that your business offers. 

In this way you can attract the attention of organic traffic with potential customers interested in what you offer.

3. You must optimize your website very well

Google loves that the pages comply with the standards imposed by its algorithm to be able to index them in the first search places, so you should always try to optimize your content as much as possible, whether locally or for the product.

You can achieve this by using eye-catching and concise titles that you can complement with keywords. In the same way, these keywords (key words) must appear a certain number of times in your text so that it is well optimized and that the search engine can see your page as a relevant search for the keywords that your users are looking for.

4. Index your website in Google

In order for Google to show your website in its results, it must be indexed, which is essential if you want to be relevant in the market. For this you must indicate the URL of your page and index your website to the search engine, then with the creation of content you will be able to position it in the first places.

5. Use the tools that Google offers you

Similarly, Google puts at your disposal its tools to optimize your content with SEO. One of these is Google Analytics that allows you to see the statistics of your website and which ones are better positioned. 

This will give you the possibility to review the strategies that are working and those that are not, so you can see how the visits will increase according to the positioning you have in the search engine.

Make the most of being able to do SEO in Google for your Company

As we all know, Google is one of the most important technology companies and one of the most used search engines in the world. It is for this reason that if you want to implement a good SEO strategy, you should focus it on this platform.

By doing so, you will significantly increase the visibility of your company, managing to sell more of your products or services in the same way, and in the same way, you will improve the user experience by optimizing your website and staying in the first search results.

Also, it is a cost-effective way of doing digital marketing compared to other forms of online advertising. By creating optimized content, you will attract organic traffic that will be reflected in Google statistics.

With the collaboration of a good SEO expert such as our SEO specialist in Mallorca, you will be able to see how your business will grow thanks to the application of these indexing techniques on your website.

In summary and to finish this article, if you are looking for something profitable in the long term for your company, you should try Google My Business, a platform that will be of great help for this.