What is a SEO Agency, why you should Hire it, and what Benefits it has for you

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If you are well versed in the world of digital marketing, I am sure you have heard about the term “SEO”.

The term “SEO” refers mainly to “search engine optimization”, and deals with the way in which your website is positioned in the world of the Internet and the practices that can be followed to improve its positioning on the Internet in major search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

This is essential today if you want to be popular on the internet and attract new customers to your company every day.

In many cases, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge, achieving this objective is not easy, and this is the reason why you should resort to the help of professionals in SEO positioning, professionals who are usually working in a SEO agency.

But... What is an SEO agency? Now, in this blog we tell you what an SEO agency is and why it is a good idea to hire an SEO agency, for example, there are many clients who have passed through us that when hiring our SEO services, they all experience many of the benefits of hiring a SEO agency for their companies and have managed to improve the positioning of their companies' websites drastically, this is the reason why we wrote this article for you.

In this article, we will reveal you what is a SEO agency and their main benefits that can have for your company.

What is an SEO Agency and Why Should You Hire It?

An SEO agency or SEO web positioning agency, in short, is a company with digital marketing tools that is professionally dedicated to providing web positioning services for its clients' web pages, andthey achieve this through specialized techniques to promote their visibility in search engines such as Google, and with the objective that these companies have functional web pages and that they manage to attract organic web traffic and the possibility that new potential clients can find their businesses.

An SEO agency usually has a team of experts in the area capable of developing appropriate strategies to optimize the web positioning of web pages, that is, strategies that will ensure that company web pages are positioned on the first pages of search engines such as Google.

Choosing one of these agencies is the ideal digital solution for those people who want to grow their website and with the aim of enhancing their visibility on the internet, but who do not know how to do it. 

The process to get purely organic traffic to your website, and make it more recognized, is not easy, and it is a task that requires staying up to date with changes that may be included in Google's algorithms. If this is something you can't deal with, an SEO agency is something you might want to find.

Most common reasons why you should hire the services of an SEO agency

  1. You will avoid making the most common and fatal mistakes for your company: You will save time and resources, and in addition, you will avoid investing your income in “professionals” who the only thing they usually do is worsen the web positioning of your company, an SEO agency is better trained than any professional, in addition, SEO agencies They have professionals in various branches of SEO.
  2. It will help you improve your company's branding: Having an SEO agency will not only help you position your website, but will also help you improve the brand of your company. This is because a professional agency will not only try to position you above your competitors, but will also focus on improving other aspects such as copywriting and the company's image.
  3. You will generate more potential clients: This is one of the main factors why companies and professionals decide to have the help of SEO agencies, thanks to the help of an SEO agency and in which they will work to position you on the first page of search engines like Google, Your company and your services will have greater exposure on the Internet, and, therefore, you will be able to generate more potential clients for your business.
  4. Personalized experience: Another of the key factors of hiring an SEO agency is that they will give you personalized attention, that is, they will take into account factors such as the competition in your market, the evolution of the industry, local factors, and above all, they will prioritize the specific objectives you are looking to achieve.
  5. Alternative solutions: Finally, an SEO agency will be able to offer you alternative solutions such as local positioning, international positioning, or alternative ways to generate visibility so that your clients can find you, an example would be opening a google my business profile, this will help you position yourself on Google Maps and help new customers find your business in an alternative way that your business did not have before.

What must an SEO agency have to be considered good?

If you do not know how to choose an SEO agency, there are several qualities and points to deal with that are worth knowing.

These qualities and points to be discussed are essential to determine what is good in the SEO world and what is not so good.

Read about them below:

An SEO agency must have specialized equipment:

Usually, every agency has an SEO consultant, because normally this specialist has a very broad profile, so it is normal for these agencies to find SEO professionals dedicated to specific functions.

If an SEO agency has a team specialized in SEO web positioning, it means that you can trust this agency, otherwise, it would be best to abstain, since there are many people who call themselves “professionals” but only know 2 or 3 things. , SEO is a very extensive field.

In summary, an SEO agency that has a team of professionals must have knowledge and skills in areas such as databases, link building, market research, trends, and marketing in general, among many other more specific knowledge within digital marketing.

And furthermore, every SEO agency and professional should have a good base of previous experiences, being good at SEO comes thanks to experience and performing thousands of experiments to know what works and what doesn't work.

Professional tools:

Working on bringing organic traffic to your web page and positioning it on the internet in the correct way is not something simple, because specialized tools are often required to achieve it.

And like all tools in every trade, these tools cost a lot of money, are difficult to understand and use, and are a complicated investment, especially if you intend to pay for them yourself as a freelancer or individual.

SEO agencies, in addition to having a team of professionals, have numerous professional and expensive tools to work on your website, such as SEO Tool from SEMrush, if you have an SEO agency on your side, you can forget about paying for tools like these, in addition to having to study them.

In short, by hiring an SEO agency, you save time and a lot of money.


If the world of SEO did not require professional training, anyone could be an SEO consultant. But the reality is that it is not like that, one of the key points to determine if an SEO agency is good is the level of training that its employees have in the area.

The reason? The greater the knowledge, the greater the chances of success in the objective of positioning your website at the top.

The Benefits and Advantages of Hiring SEO Services for your Company

It is well known that having the advice and support of professionals is good, whatever the field in which you find yourself, and of course, in the SEO area, there is no exception.

Having the help of specialists in this field can make the difference between positioning your website among the best results or, on the contrary, being buried at the bottom of the search results.

Here you have a small list of benefits of hiring an SEO agency, in case you had doubts about whether it was convenient for you to do it or not.

You will obtain constant organic traffic

An SEO specialist knows what those keywords are that will take your website to the top, attracting with you people who are fully interested in the content or services you have to offer.

Don't know why organic traffic is so important?…

Simple: because each person who visits your website can later become your client and visit you or hire your services as usual.

You will be able to position yourself for new keywords

An SEO specialist knows which keywords will take your website to the top, attracting with you people who are fully interested in the content or services you have to offer, but in addition, they will also help you make your website discovered for new keywords for which your business did not appear before.

Don't know why organic traffic is so important?…

Simple: because each person who visits your website can later become your potential client and visit you or hire your services frequently.

You will be able to position yourself ahead of your competitors

Positioning yourself ahead of your competitors on Google is one of the dreams of every businessman... imagine going from taking over 18% of the online market to taking over 40%, yes, it is possible.

When you hire a professional SEO agency, their web positioning experts will be in charge of doing a competition analysis where they will be able to investigate which companies you should compete with, their weaknesses and strengths, and the SEO positioning strategy that will be followed. It will continue to position itself ahead of your competitors, and therefore, gain a larger share of the market.

Low Investment and High Investment in the Long Term

Another of the incredible and most common benefits that you can experience is receiving a huge ROI (return on investment) when you invest in SEO positioning services.

It is true that SEO positioning usually provides you with long-term results, but just telling you that you will receive (normally within 6 months, depending on the difficulty of the keyword to be positioned) between 150-200% of the return on your investment.

That is, every intelligent businessman will always consider the SEO web positioning strategy as part of his digital marketing strategy due to its great return on investment.

You can "conquer" Google in a legal way

Did you know that there are certain SEO practices that can be penalized by Google?... well yes, this is known as "Black hat SEO".

Its counterpart “White hat SEO” is what SEO agencies and professionals put into practice using techniques that are not penalized and that help protect the website in search results, and in addition, you will be serving Google and your target audience. natural form.

What Questions Should You Ask an SEO Agency Before Hiring Them?

Now that you know the incredible advantages of having an SEO agency on your side, I am going to provide you with the best questions you can ask an SEO agency when selecting the agency you want to hire for your company.

The most popular questions to ask an SEO agency are:

  1. How long has your SEO agency been in the industry? The main reason for this question is to know if you are dealing with experienced professionals in the industry, or if it is a new agency or professional who does not yet have as much practical experience in the field of web positioning.
  2. Can you provide me with examples of previous projects and their results? Each professional SEO agency always has a portfolio of projects and results from previous clients, otherwise, we advise you to be careful with these agencies and/or professionals.
  3. How often do you provide and communicate the progress of SEO campaigns? Any SEO agency that is serious will always provide you with tools or resources with which you can follow the progress that is being generated in the SEO web positioning campaign. What is important is that the professionals communicate with you monthly and/or every three months.
  4. What are your most used techniques and practices to position a website? The reason why you should ask this question is to know if you are dealing with professionals who use SEO tools to analyze keywords and create strategies on how to position these keywords. If an SEO agency does not have SEO tools, and/or does not have reliable web positioning techniques, it is better to be suspicious.
  5. How do you select the most profitable keywords for companies? All companies and professionals who are dedicated to SEO always have an idea of the keywords that best fit your industry and for which they should recommend you position. The most profitable keywords for businesses always contain minimum search volumes greater than 30 monthly searches.
  6. Do you have videos or references of success stories from previous clients? Every professional SEO agency should have videos or references of success stories from previous clients, otherwise, this is a company or professional who has no idea about marketing, since the social interaction of other people with your content and /or services is a common tactic that all professionals know, the videos and success stories will help you know that this agency is trustworthy and has experience.
  7. What rates and services are included? Normally, each agency will have monthly rates and/or final budgets per project. SEO, being a common necessary practice, is normal for agencies to offer you monthly rates with rates for basic and advanced SEO services.
  8. How is the success of the SEO web positioning campaign measured? If you are dealing with professionals, they will usually tell you that success is measured by the new organic traffic your website is receiving and the growth of potential clients who are interested in your services. That is, success is normally measured in the organic increase of a website and/or actions of value for companies such as a phone call from a potential client.
  9. Do you provide reports at the end of each month? Each professional agency should always provide you with monthly reports on the performance of the SEO campaign; normally, this is done on a monthly and/or quarterly basis.

Hire an SEO agency, yes or no?

Well, now you know what an SEO agency is, now you have to ask yourself the question, is it worth hiring an SEO agency?

And here I give you my answer from the point of view as an entrepreneur, the short and simple answer is, yes.

This is necessary if what you are looking for are things like improving your company brand, helping your company grow and expand, and improving the positioning of your website.

This is of utmost importance in the digital age in which we live, especially if you yourself do not know how to do it, hiring a team of web positioning specialists is definitely your best option in these cases.