What is and what does Local SEO consist of? (Advantages + Tips)

What is and what does local SEO consist of?

Have you imagined turning your company into a reference in the area where you are working? This is precisely what local SEO pursues, and in this blog, the professionals of our local SEO agency are going to reveal you its meaning, the advantages, and a few tips, so you can yourself begin to position your company or local business.

Through the following article we are going to give you the details about one of the optimization strategies that are very relevant in the world of digital marketing, and especially when it comes to positioning your website in search engines like Google.

Find out below what local SEO consists of and why you should start implementing it in your company.

What is Local SEO?

In order not to extend ourselves too much, we can define local SEO, as the set of optimization strategies whose fundamental purpose lies in the positioning of a brand in the search results of people, taking into account a specific geographical location.

It is essentially distinguished from traditional SEO precisely by the element of geographic location that is a determining factor in displaying search results.

A point that is worth noting to understand exactly what local SEO consists of, lies in the fact that the main focus is not on the company's website, but on its Google My Business page, that is where a large part of the company's information is deposited.

The use of mobile technology, as well as the increase in searches through smartphones, plays a fundamental role when considering local SEO. For companies it is essential to optimize their local SEO strategies to provide timely response to users based on their needs, but also based on their geographical location.

Why is Optimizing Local SEO so Important?

There are many reasons why local SEO has become a great tool for companies and mThe latest statistics reveal interesting data about this strategy, making it clear that it is something extremely important to grow in the market. 

For example, research reveals that at least 50% of people who search through their mobile device ended up visiting a physical store on the same day.

In the same way, almost 80% of the local searches made on a smartphone, turn into a purchase outside the Internet and towards your physical store. And, on the other hand, at least 1 in 4 customers prefer to find out about a product and service through the Internet before deciding to purchase it.

Now, with all this information in mind, you will be able to understand that local SEO is something essential to be able to appear in the search results for these people, your clients, and in this way become a trusted provider for the products and services that you are people need, although if you need more information you can always contact our SEO consultant on our main page by clicking on "Book"

Advantages of Focusing on Local SEO

The truth is that there are many advantages directly related to local SEO that can be an incredible benefit for your company or business.

Here are some of them:

Your company becomes a popular reference in your local area

Once you improve your local SEO strategies and optimize your content, you can start appearing in search results for people near your local business or company. 

Appearing in the first results is very important to generate customers, but also because this gives you a lot of credibility in front of your possible potential customers, and in turn, appearing in the first results will also make you a reference in your industry and the services you offer in the area where you are located.

You connect with new types of customers

The world of the internet is vast enough to connect you with different types of people and who are looking for certain types of services and products online, and the same goes for your local business and its new local customers for the services you offer, positioning yourself in the first place page for local services is an emerging digital fad that is here to stay.

In short, appearing on the internet offers you the possibility of expanding your client portfolio and the branding of your company, involving people with unique needs who seek an answer to their concerns in your business.

Your business will enjoy more prestige

More credibility and more clients translate into much more prestige.

That your business or company is better known and that it also provides high-quality products or services, over time, will have a positive effect on itself. But remember, in addition to working on positioning your business with local SEO, also make sure you focus on providing quality service to your customers and enjoying what you do.

Remember that you can position your company, but if you do not provide a good service, customers will give you bad reviews and will not hire your company's services again.

Useful Tips to Start Doing Local SEO

Now we are going to give you some basic but very useful tips so that you can start to improve the local positioning of your company.

  • Focus on results: User searches are usually concise, locations and contact details. Make sure you give people exactly what they want.
  • Work with tools like Google My Business: Google My Business is a great tool to position your company on the internet. You just have to make sure you provide all the information that is requested.
  • Opinions and reviews: The opinions and reviews that your customers leave on your Google My Business profile are a great way to attract the attention of other potential customers.
  • Work on a responsive website: Give all users the ability to access your website from multiple devices with a responsive website.