That Includes a Basic Plan of SEO or Web Positioning

What includes basic SEO plan

In today's digital age, it is important to have a strong internet presence in order to guarantee the success of any online business, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through web traffic applying SEO.

These search engine optimization techniques can help you significantly improve sales and views of your site. In this article we will cover the components that are typically included in a basic SEO plan and how to easily implement it.

What is SEO Positioning?

It is known as SEO positioning a una serie de estrategias que se enfocan en mejorar el tráfico de visitas de una página web. Esto se logra mediante técnicas y herramientas específicas que permiten posicionar en los primeros lugares de los motores de búsqueda cualquier contenido.

To make this effective, several factors must be taken into account such as the quality of writing, the structure of the web page, the use of keywords and the user experience.

In the same way, it is important to clarify that SEO positioning does not guarantee that the results will be immediate, because it is a strategy used in the long term, which will significantly improve your presence in Internet search engines.

At our SEO agency in Mallorca you can take a look at our methodology and the plans we offer, but in short, you only need to have an effective basic plan to start seeing results.


What Should a Basic SEO Plan Include?

Now that you are familiar with the subject and you know what SEO positioning can contribute, it is necessary to know everything that a basic plan for this type of strategy should include.

Some of the most notable and that are recommended to be carried out in any SEO project are the following:

Analysis and research of keywords or keywords

The investigation of keywords It is a process carried out to identify the phrases that people use in search engines such as Google or Bing.

This is one of the first steps that must be taken if you want to work on a solid basis in your SEO strategy, since it is of utmost importance to correctly position your website, in this way you will be able to obtain more visits and have the algorithm detect your content as relevant to the user.

Optimization of content

When we talk about content optimization, it is about creating content with the highest quality and relevance possible to the content we are targeting.

Furthermore, this should include the process of identifying keywords, since it is a basic factor of web positioning, otherwise, the agency you have hired will be working on a basis that is not solid, and clearly, they are not professionals.

In the same way, the titles, descriptions and meta tags of the website are included so that search engines can better interpret the content.

Checking how the competition works (competition analysis)

Even when you have already identified the keywords, it is always advisable to see which are the most relevant companies or web pages in the searches for which you are trying to position your web page. This way you will be able to determine the strategies and techniques they use to be able to work on a successful SEO strategy.

This is one of the best ways you can work on a competitive SEO strategy in the market and manage to climb the ladder to reach the top positions in users' search results.

Making technical improvements to the website

These technical improvements known as "technical SEO” should include adjustments to the website's html code, as well as the tagging, in addition to following other types of technical practices of Google, this way you can develop good optimization and improve positioning in search engines.

In addition, you will improve aspects such as page loading speed and the creation of a clear structure to follow the content you publish.

Setting realistic goals

You must take into account that realistic objectives must be set so that an SEO strategy can obtain good results, because this will allow you to use the tools according to the needs you have and direct the content to a general audience, that is, your target audiences.

Through this set of goals that can be specific, relevant and attainable, you will be able to see how the positioning of your website will improve significantly over time.

But remember, the secret to success in the world of SEO is to have a lot of patience, and no matter what happens, you should always take note of all the changes you make to your content, as well as always update your old content.

Creation of link building strategy

For search engines like Google, it is of great importance that websites have links in order to improve positioning. Through link building you can focus on linking other web pages to your content, but always taking into account that they are relevant.

In this way, you can obtain more substantial organic traffic and it is also possible to make an agreement with other pages in order to obtain more visits.

From the Basic to Success

These types of plans, although they seem simple, have a high level of complexity in their application, and knowing this information offers you a broader perspective of what you can expect when choosing a service from an SEO agency.

I hope this article about what a basic SEO plan should include has been helpful to you. If SEO agencies or professionals offer you less of these conditions in the basic plans, we recommend avoiding them.