How to Improve Your Company's Web Positioning Easily

How to improve fast web seo positioning

The sheer number of active websites today and the need to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, and this causes people with websites to constantly look for ways to rank on the top. 

For you who are wondering "how to improve the web positioning of my company quickly?", We have some tips that can be the solution to your concerns.

The Best Strategies to Position Your Website Fast

Here are some strategies that you can put into practice together with the SEO professionals you hire, strategies like the ones we use in our own web positioning agency to position companies on the first page of Google in the most popular search engines like Google. and Bing.

Work on the content architecture of your website

The term “architecture” may seem somewhat complex to understand in this area, but let's agree that it refers to the structure of the content that you publish on your website, specifically the written content. 

This type of SEO is known as On-page SEO and refers to the structure, words, and texts of your web page. All the texts on your website are made up of headings and paragraphs, essentially, these headings are organized hierarchically from H1 (main heading) to H6 (the final and less relevant heading).

As an example, imagine the way a book is structured, it has a main topic, chapters, and subchapters, now we are going to translate it into SEO terms: 

The main theme of the book would be equivalent to H1, the chapter would be H2, and H3 would be subchapters within the main theme of the book chapters.

The architecture of a website is something that you have to know perfectly, because it is thanks to this type of organization that both the user and the search engines can more easily interpret the message you want to convey.

If you want to do this process yourself, I recommend reading first about the tips from SEO experts to improve the positioning of your website and in that way you will be able to work safely on a good basis, and at the same time, obtain new ways to improve the positioning of your website.

Evaluate the quality of your keywords

The keywords They play a very important role when it comes to web positioning, and choosing the ideal keyword, preferably long-tail words (long-tail), is essential to appear in search results made by users.

The location of this keyword can also make a difference, for example, it must appear in the first paragraph of the text, in one or more headings, in the URL address. In the same way, according to the volume of words, it will be convenient to adjust the number of times that the keyword appears in the text.

Text length

For many workers in the sector, the ideal number of words for a text should be at least 1,500 words, while others suggest that it should not exceed 500 words. 

However, it is recommended that the text be extended to a midpoint, a total of between 800 to 900 words is more than enough to transmit quality content without being too long to bore or tire the reader.

According to the founder of Seo Aim One and SEO consultant in Mallorca, Juan Plamen. It also gives us a clue and suggests that the text to be written should be around the number of words of our competitors, as long as its content is of quality, if not, you can allow yourself to experiment and write somewhat longer texts than your competitors.

Use of internal and external links

Redirecting your readers to other of your publications, as well as linking them to other websites, can be an excellent way to improve the positioning of your website, andt is essential that these links provide valuable additional content to what you have captured on your website.

The internal links, for example, are a great way to encourage the reader to explore your site so they can discover more of what you have to offer. And on the other hand, external links, can be a good tool to help provide more information to your readers (statistics graphs, articles...).

Image optimization

Did you know that at least half of the users do not wait more than three seconds for the website to load? Most of them are looking for immediate answers and waiting is clearly not an option. 

That being the case, one of the best ways to prevent your website from being too heavy and the loading time from being excessive is by optimizing the images that appear on it. 

You can do this through online image compressors, many of which are free and do not affect the quality of your photos.

Create an easy-to-read URL

One golden tip that we can share with you is to create URLs that are easy for users to understand and remember, forget about using URLs that are too long or have complex words. 

Instead, create shorter URLs with words related to the content and with an easy-to-remember structure.

Hire specialists in an SEO agency

Ultimately, if you do not know what to do to improve the positioning of your website or you have not been able to apply the advice that we gave you previously, you can always count on the advice of professionals in the area. 

Today you can find numerous SEO agencies dedicated to providing services through which you can improve the positioning of your website, and best of all, these agencies generally have specialized tools and also offer affordable plans. that fit your budget.

Now you know how to improve the positioning of your website

Clearly, improving web positioning is not an easy task if you want to appear among the first results in Google, but it is not impossible either, in the end, positioning your web page at the top of the search results can be becoming all a reality if you set your mind to it and have enough resources.

If you prefer someone else to do it for you, this is also possible, today you can find numerous SEO agencies willing to take your website to the top for a small price.

If you are interested in optimizing your website and positioning it on the first page in Google, remember that you can contact us and we will make it possible, a hug to all the incredible readers and future SEOs!