How to Build a SEO Plan with Success

Como crear un plan de SEO con éxito

Have you ever wondered why the best SEO agencies are so successful when many others fade into the fog never to play in this competitive marketing league again?

Well, whatever happens, here we are going to tell you how to build a successful SEO action plan, and no matter what happens, now you will know the difference between an SEO agency, and people who do SEO as a hobby, in this article, we will to reveal the best basic strategies to carry out an SEO action plan.

¿How can you Build a Successful SEO Plan?

As an SEO expert, the main thing is that you have the help of a good SEO consultant that can advise you on the best SEO positioning strategies available, and, on the other hand, I always recommend reading about why to hire a SEO agency for your company It is something that will always benefit you and your company in the long term to have an agency that offers good SEO services.

Even so, we are going to tell you what are the best basic strategies to successfully carry out your SEO positioning plan.

The first phase to build a successful SEO strategy is:

1. Always Make a Keyword Research

Before you start optimizing your website for keywords that you think your customers are going to search for, make sure you're optimizing the keywords that are right for your company

That is, if, for example, you have a landscaping company that offers pine felling services only, perhaps it will have a higher search volume, a keyword like “pine felling service” than “pine felling company”, the Keyword search process is the initial process and the fundamental step to take an SEO strategy to the success phase.

2. Optimize your Website with the Right Headings Structure

To optimize a web page in the correct way you should always structure your web page with the use of “h1” headings up to the use of “h6” headings normally, with the “h1” being the type of heading of the initial topic of the page that you are going to create and normally you always only have 1 of these headers.

The rest, from “h2” to “h6”, will be structured in a hierarchical way, so that the content is subdivided by subsections of the initial topic and subsections of other subsections of the initial topic.

We always recommend to you to count with SEO audit services on your website in case you cannot do it on your own, this way you will ensure that the structure of your website and your headers have been done correctly.

3. Build Quality Backlinks

The creation of links is one of the best practices that you should carry out once your On-page SEO has been carried out correctly, that is, the hierarchy of the headings and keywords that you have inserted in your web page are those you are looking to optimize for your company.

This is the best way to build an SEO action plan successfully and in the correct way. We hope that this article has been of great help to you and that you can use it correctly on your website.