How an SEO Audit Benefits your Website and your Company

Results of an SEO audit and its benefits

There are times when performing an SEO audit on a website can become the best way to detect failures and in turn improve its performance. There are many people who do not pay much attention to it, but it is still a maintenance exercise that is worth doing on a regular basis, otherwise your website can be negatively affected.

If you have been wondering how an SEO audit can benefit your website and your company, from our SEO audit service We will tell you what exactly it is, and why you should include this type of exercise among the periodic exercises on your website.

SEO Audit What is it and what does it include?

An SEO audit is nothing more than a set of techniques and strategies aimed at evaluating and analyzing all the aspects that shape the organic positioning of a certain website within search engines such as Google.

The most important purpose of an SEO audit is then to be able to diagnose in a timely and timely manner the possible problems that the site could be presenting, and in turn, also to be able to effectively detect the possible optimization improvements that can be made on the web page. .

This review, or analysis of the website, is made up of a series of exercises that, together, result in a total optimization of the page with results that can be perceived in the long term.

Below you will see some of them.

Study of indexed pages

One of the first jobs that the professional in charge of the SEO audit does, as our SEO expert in Mallorca does, is to verify if the pages of your website have been correctly indexed.

If any page of your website has not been indexed correctly, it will not be able to be located or displayed in the results of search engines such as Google.

Organic Visibility Assessment

The creation of content, usefulness, and the way in which it attracts organic traffic, is observed and studied by the specialist in charge. During the SEO audit it can be determined if the content you are offering is useful/quality, and if it has a positive impact on the interest of your readers.

Thanks to SEO audits, you can see how good the visibility of your website is and how optimized it is for the presence of organic traffic to your website.

Analysis of competition in the network

A good way to position yourself on the internet is by understanding the strategies applied by other sites with content similar to the one you are sharing.

The ideal is not to imitate the content of third parties, but to study in depth what are the techniques applied by them to create a unique strategy that allows you to improve your status on the network.

This type of exercise, normally, is another one that is in charge of covering the professional in charge of the SEO audit.

Website architecture assessment

Finally, and standing out from among many other tasks inherent to the SEO audit, the study of the architecture of the web page has a special and essential role.

Evaluating the structure of your page towards search engines, as well as the usefulness of internal links and their functionality, is a transcendental task because it is the best way to motivate the user to navigate to your web page and increase the retention rate of visitors on your website.

This is very important because it keeps the reader interested in what you have to offer, be it information or some type of service.

How Does an SEO Audit Benefit Your Website?

Well, now that you understand what an SEO audit is and what this service normally includes, we are now going to discuss “how does an audit benefit my website”.

The truth is that this is a question that is worth asking before even wanting to include this type of service among those that you are going to hire for the maintenance of your website.

Next, we are going to tell you about some advantages of this service that answer this question.

You will be able to know what is the loading speed of your web page

Through an SEO audit it is possible to determine the parameters within which the loading of your website is developed. It is also possible to determine if there are elements that could slow it down and in this way they can be corrected. If you are looking to find out the loading speed of your website, there are some free tools like PageSpeed Insights where they can give you some advice on how to optimize the loading speed of your web page.

You detect problems with the links

In the same way, by carrying out an SEO audit you can determine the existence of problems with the internal links of your website. Being able to correct like this broken links and duplicates that have a negative impact on its visibility.

You will recognize the quality of the content you publish

Carrying out an SEO audit allows you to have a broader perspective about the quality of the content you share, since you will be able to access information related to the way users interact with it.

It will be easier for you to choose the ideal keywords

In addition to the above, with an SEO audit you can find the keywords that will allow your website to rank at the top of the results in search engines like Google and find which ones will produce the best return. in investment.

You will be aware of the conditions of your website

You will be able to stay informed about the status of your website, and in addition to this, it provides you with the necessary tools to detect and correct errors in it, which if not corrected in time, can lead to penalties in Google.

The Summary of How an SEO Audit Benefits You

If what you are looking for is to grow your company in today's digital world, SEO or web positioning and SEO audits are services that must always be accompanied by each other.