The Importante of Appearing in Google

Por qué es importante aprarecer en Google

Have you ever wondered why you should appear in the search engine of Google and what could be the incredible benefits for you? In this article we are going to tell you!

To start, a little history and context…

How It Started, Google History Summary

This story begins in a Garage by businessmen Larry Page and Serguei Bring and at first Google was called “Backrub” but finally, luckily, it became called Google as we all know it today and that counts with more than 60.000 workers in total.

If you want to read a little about the history of Google and these two entrepreneurs, I recommend reading the full story of Google.

Now let's go to the most important and most interesting thing, how can Google benefit you? What is its importance for you and your company?... Now we are going to tell you everything, but we can tell you in advance that it is very worth appearing in Google.

Why is it so important for my business to appear on Google?

I'm not going to lie to you, if your goal is to expand your company digitally and online, the best thing you can do is design a website, have by your side digital marketing experts and to index your website in Google so that you can appear in the search results for your potential clients, on the other hand, it is advisable to follow the recommendations on-page SEO for your website on Google, because this will also allow you to improve the positioning of your website, obtain potential clients, and enhance the branding (brand) of your company.

That is, having your business appear on Google is so important because:

  1. It will allow you to appear in a search engine with billions of users who connect every day
  2. You will be able to have a much more elegant company image and it would be
  3. You can start expanding your business digitally
  4. You will get a new way to generate income
  5. You can open a business profile in Google
  6. and much more...

As you can see, there are many benefits of appearing on Google for you and your company to start generating more clients through the use of the internet.

But, that's not all, because you can also…

Use the Google Ads Platform to Generate Instant Traffic

On the other hand, you can use the famous platform for advertisers of Google Ads where you can position your business on the first page of Google through ads PPC (pay per click) and you can start generating traffic to your website immediately and attract more potential customers instantly.

And if it seems incredible to you, you should also familiarize yourself with another of Google's best tools...

The Measuring Tool Google Analytics

The measuring tool Google Analytics It will allow you to calculate how many people are entering your website each day and it will also be able to reveal other interesting data such as knowing where your users come from, do they come from Google or platforms like instagram or Facebook?…

It is very important to have data, because this way you will know where your best return on investment comes from and on which platforms you should invest more money for the growth of your business. In addition, this tool will also allow you to know the number of sales you have made online and which products have sold the most.

In Summary

Having your company appear on Google is of utmost importance for your business, as you have seen, because it will give you advertising and measurement tools that will allow you to expand your business digitally.