¿How Affects the SEO to the Real Estate Agencies?

Influye SEO inmobiliario

¿Have you asked yourself how the SEO positioning can influde for the real estate agencies?

In this article, we are going t tell you which are the main benefits of hiring services of web SEO positioning for your real estate agency or your business in Google.

But, for sure, we can assure you to the 100% that it's a professional practice that every professional follows.

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is about using the best practices in the search engines like Google to position your website between the first ones in Google, meaning it positions your business above your competitors y to help you make much more potential clients that are looking for your real estate services.

Benefit 1: Infludes in the Branding (Personal Brand)

Positioning yourself on the first page of Google influences your branding and your personal brand, that is, everyone who is looking for real estate agencies in x area of ​​Spain, and as the first result, your company appears, it means that you will be a company that will go to make popular and familiar. (Think about Idealista or fotocasa)

When your business appears on the first page of Google, it means you will make a name for yourself and your customers will trust you more than your competition.

Benefit 2: Improves your Clients Portfolio

By positioning yourself on the first page of Google for the property sale service, you will be able to far exceed your return on investment, safely.

Imagine paying €500 per month for SEO services, and new clients per month, there are around 3-5 new clients, and each one gives you profits of around €5000… this means that you will get a return on investment of around about €24,500 per month.

Benefit 3: Long Term Organic Positioning

Once you are positioned on the first page of Google, if a web positioning agency is good, it means that you will be in the #1 position on Google with 85% security, because your trusted agency will always be monitoring the movements of your competitors.

In summary and finally, SEO positioning has a positive influence on your business, making you more visible, popular, and generating a greater return on investment than usual.